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To the long list of unfounded assumptions widely held by men, we can now add the alleged attractiveness of aggressive behavior.

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According to a paper just published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychologymen overestimate how appealing such behavior is to women. They also overestimate the combativeness of their fellow males and the extent to which their same-sex peers approve women like aggressive men aggressive acts.

The researchers, led by psychologist Joseph Vandello of the University of South Florida, describe a culture of women like aggressive men machismo, where some men behave aggressively due to unfounded fears that passive behavior will be frowned on by their peers. They conclude that "men who may be privately reluctant to escalate conflict to the point of aggression may set aside these misgivings in order to conform to erroneously perceived social women like aggressive men.

17 science-backed ways men can appear more attractive to women | The Independent

Their findings emerged from a series of studies conducted at the University of Women like aggressive men Lile, in which students were presented with scenarios in which someone like themselves was challenged in public. One takes place in a crowded restaurant; it involves a student who finds himself in a confrontation with a peer who accidentally spilled soda on his shirt. He asks for an apology, but the student who is at fault dismissively refuses.

Among men, 28 percent of the men said they'd be likely to take a swing at the jerk. But they estimated that 45 percent of their fellow male students would do the.

In other words, guys overestimated how aggressively other guys were likely to behave. Of the women, just under 30 percent said they'd slug another co-ed who had dissed them in such a way.

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That was quite close to their estimate that 36 percent of their fellow female students would do so. The men's disconnect between perception and reality was confirmed by a second study, in which their feelings about someone who walked away from a fight were "significantly less negative than the evaluations they women like aggressive men others would. Adding to the problem is the male women like aggressive men of what women want.

The researchers concede their threesome book subjects may not be representative of the population as a whole, as their youth and cultural backgrounds may predispose them to favor aggression.

Before generalizing too, umm, aggressively, women like aggressive men would be wise to see if similar results are obtained from samples of older men and men from other regions of the country. But even if the results aren't universally applicable, the study has interesting ramifications for law enforcement meen and policymakers dealing with the issue of violence among young men.

The findings suggest "it is important to consider the social context in which aggression occurs, particularly in terms of audience or bystander composition," the researchers write. A seemingly senseless act of aggression may, in fact, be a misguided attempt to impress a woemn man's women like aggressive men or potential mates.

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The scholars also come to one unassailable conclusion: Sign up for our free e-newsletter. Are you on Facebook? Become our fan.

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A newly published meta-analytic review states emphatically that players of violent video games are at greater risk of engaging in aggressive behavior.

Researchers report women like aggressive men reading literature depicting aggression can impact how those readers respond to provocation. Newly published research finds men are as willing as women to apologize.

A psychology study from Hong Kong suggests that, among men, the impulses to make love and war are deeply intertwined.

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