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What is ts massage I Seeking Nsa Sex

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What is ts massage

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Start the week out right amssage lets get the week started out with a bang lol. I've dated both asians and caucasians, but I like asian boys better.

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Relationship Status: Never Married
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Hair: Violet
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Often used for transsexual porn sites. Also see: Dude, that T.

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It's too bad she's a dude, cause I'd totally fuck her! T-S unknown. What is ts massage triple swipethis is when you use one metro fare to sneak in 2 other people besides.

Hey guys lets all T-S, screw the phoenix. TS unknown.

In massage parlor speakit is 'Table Shower'. It can also mean to Tiger Suit. Tiger Suiting is when you wear a huge gutted stuff animal, and run around doing wacky thangs.

Yo Codyyou should T-S sometime this week!! TS internet. Thread Starter used in forums to relate to something that the thread starter may have said.

Person 1: I agree with the ts. Get on TS and we can talk. Tough Shit.

Dude, I just broke my leg. I can't make it. Clapping them alien cheeks Nip Nops Brown Bear, Golden Shower Satish E-thot Splunk Tweetdecking Caramel sauce What is ts massage Emoji Twitter.