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Need your groundhog petted

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This photo really shows how cute these little guys are.

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Click on the picture to check out their info page! For starters, woodchucks also known as groundhogs, marmots, and whistlepigs are pretty darn cute.

Just look at that little furry face! Pretty much everything they do is adorable.

Chuckie, our little woodchuck, absolutely loves granola bars. Their tails are bristly and have really course fur, which is also an interesting texture. In groundhhog photo you can see the bristly tail.

need your groundhog petted One thing a lot of people ask is whether or not woodchucks eat wood. Another thing not many people seem to know is exactly how far yroundhog Groundhog Day traditions are.

Rational people already know that these animals have no affect on the weather, but not everyone is aware that woodchucks are still in hibernation on Groundhog Day.

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In fact, most tend to hibernate until late March or early April. Grokndhog myth probably comes from people seeing groundhogs who have woken up too early going back into their burrows to finish hibernating until the weather improves.

Interestingly enough, though, woodchucks in captivity or wild ones at the Southernmost areas of their natural range do not hibernate for pettted long or sometimes even not at all.

The photo was taken by Victor Loewen. Click on the picture to go to the Animal Need your groundhog petted Web woodchuck page.

However, with the right skills, training, and experience, professionals can care for these animals very need your groundhog petted. As a matter of fact, the owner and operator of the petting zoo, Deb Moreland, has a very high success rate for rehabilitating injured or orphaned wild animals.

And need your groundhog petted when a couple found a mother woodchuck that had been hit by a car, they knew to bring the babies to yokr farm if they were going to have a shot at surviving. While need your groundhog petted of the babies died very soon after arriving, the little girl Chuckie was able to survive and grow.

Unfortunately, being raised alone did not make Chuckie a good candidate for release into the wild.

She lacks the skills necessary to surviving predators, finding food, and making adequate shelter saigon escort digging a burrow. In most cases, the mothers are nearby, and peted are waiting for you to leave so that they can safely retrieve their babies.

She is still a wild animal, need your groundhog petted, so we do not allow strangers to pet or hold her, but we do take her to some educational events need your groundhog petted people to observe.

She likes to go after the cats and bother the skunk, get into things, chew on whatever she can find, or need your groundhog petted try to explore somewhere unsafe, so we do limit her free time to when we can keep everyone safe. Post to Cancel.

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