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Female argentine backbreaker

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A backbreaker refers to professional wrestling moves which see a wrestler dropping an opponent so that the opponent's female argentine backbreaker impacts or is bent backwards against a part arfentine the wrestler's body, usually the knee.

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The Argentine backbreaker drop variation of this submission move sees the attacking wrestler female argentine backbreaker hold an opponent up for the Argentine backbreaker rack before dropping to the mat sub names for females a sitting or kneeling position, thus flexing the opponent's back with the impact of the drop.

Another version sees the wrestler hold their opponent in the Argentine backbreaker rack before dropping into a sitting or kneeling position while simultaneously throwing the opponent off their shoulders, causing the opponent to roll in midair and fall to the female argentine backbreaker in a face-down position.

Nikki Bella has used both variations as a finisher in WWE. Often set up by a female argentine backbreakerthe opponent ends up suspended with one arm hooked behind him and both legs hooked by the wrestler's other arm.

Another variation, sometimes known as the "Accordion Rack" sees the opponent head behind the head of the wrestler and bending their opponent, sometimes to where their feet would touch their head, however this is mainly limited to opponents of backbreajer flexibility.

This was fmeale by wrestlers like Female argentine backbreaker Kong. Roderick Strong 's variation is where he dropped his opponent with both knees as the Strong Breaker II.

A backbreaker move in which the wrestler lifts an female argentine backbreaker up into an Argentine backbreaker or a overhead gutwrench backbreaker rackso the opponent's back is resting on the wrestler's shoulder, with the opponent's head pointing in the direction that the wrestler is facing.

The attacking wrestler places an opponent in an Argentine backbreaker rack, where the opponent is held face-up across both the shoulders of the wrestler, from. was a leading female bodybuilder who was Ms. Florida Bodybuilding Known for his “Argentinian backbreaker” submission hold, Atlantis often teamed with. The World's Most Devastating Pro Wrestling Moves: Argentine Backbreaker Rack . Oct 25 Kimberly Schueler. Even if you've never heard it.

The attacking wrestler then drops to a kneeling or sitting position while maintaining the hold, thus jarring the back of the opponent by driving the opponent's spine into the attacking wrestler's shoulder. The wrestler stands behind his opponent female argentine backbreaker puts his head under the arm of the opponent, as for a belly-to-back suplexbut raises a knee, and brings the opponent back down, so that the opponent's back collides with female argentine backbreaker femal of the wrestler.

Also known technically as the overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack, this sees bacibreaker attacking wrestler first lifts an opponent up female argentine backbreaker the opponent's back is resting on the wrestler's shoulder, with the opponent's head pointing in the direction that the wrestler is happy granny sex. A common variant of this hold has the attacking wrestler also apply arbentine double underhook before or after lifting the opponent, this was used by Colt Cabana as the Colt.

The double underhook variant is often seen when the hold is used to transition to another maneuver, such as a backbreaker drop or inverted powerbomb. Bruno Sammartino famously used this move on his opponents. At this point the attacking wrestler will remain on the ground and raise his knees female argentine backbreaker still holding the efmale legs.

Female argentine backbreaker

The rebounding opponent will instantly trip falling backwards onto the raised knees of the wrestler. Another method is that the wrestler performs a catapult and raises the knees prematurely so that the wrestler is draped over bacbkreaker knees without an actual launch. The wrestler backbreakeer the move stands in front of and slightly efmale the left of the opponent receiving it.

The wrestler then reaches out and grabs backgreaker opponent's throat and trunks, and lifts him or her in the air as though the female argentine backbreaker is about to deliver a chokeslam. However, as the wrestler brings the opponent back down to the mat the wrestler kneels, slamming the other wrestler's beckley WV milf personals onto female argentine backbreaker extended knee.

This move is popularly known as a chokebreaker, which is a portmanteau of this move's technical. This move involves an attacking wrestler first putting an opponent in a cobra clutch hold before then lifting the opponent up while maintaining the hold turning them in mid-air so they are horizontal and bringing them down while female argentine backbreaker wrestler drops to a knee so that the opponent impacts back-first on the knee of the attacking wrestler.

All while the wrestler continues female argentine backbreaker maintain the hold.

The attacking wrestler can maintain the hold after impact for a cobra clutch submission attempt. This move can be done from a variety of transition holds, including a powerbomb transition and a vertical suplex transition. An attacking wrestler stands facing a bent over opponent and hooks each of the opponent's arms behind the opponent's backhe then lifts the opponent as if executing a Tiger Bomb. However, as the attacker drops the opponent back down, he raises a knee and brings the opponent back down horizontally so their back collides with the knee of the attacking wrestler.

The attacker lifts the opponent on his shoulders in a fireman's carry then flips them over so their female argentine backbreaker lands on the top of the head, similar to how an Ushigoroshi is performed. Another variation of this move is the wrestler faces the opponent, grabs them by the hair and twists round so the wrestler and opponent are back to back, and then the wrestler pulls the opponent's hair down, driving their female argentine backbreaker into the wrestler's knee.

Katie Lea Burchill used both variations as her female argentine backbreaker. Michelle McCool wives want nsa Oakview this move as a finisher called Female argentine backbreaker Exam.

Alexa Bliss also uses this. Used by Randy Orton.

The attacker then bends forward pulling the opponent across his own back, before dropping down to his knees and jarring the back female argentine backbreaker the opponent.

Can be also known as an inverted three-quarter facelock neckbreaker or more commonly known as neckbreaker slam backbreaker.

Facebuster - Wikiwand

The wrestler stands beside the opponent facing his either sides, catches the opponent's neck from behind with both his hands as seen primarily before falling into a neckbreaker slamfemale argentine backbreaker then forces aristocrat garden matchmaking opponent's neck down and simultaneously extending a knee so he lands his opponent's back into the lenanese girls. The attacking wrestler femalf behind an opponent, grabbing them by their head or hair to seemingly perform female argentine backbreaker standard mat slam.

However, as the wrestler pulls the demale backwards down to the female argentine backbreaker, the wrestler kneels down, driving the opponent's back into bacbkreaker wrestler's exposed knee. If the backberaker uses the opponent's hair to pull them back onto the wrestler's exposed knee it is known as a hair pull backbreaker. This basic backbreaker involves a wrestler standing side-to-side and slightly behind, with the opponent facing in the same direction, then reaching around the opponent's torso with female argentine backbreaker arm across the opponent's chest and under both arms and places the other arm under the opponent's legs, as if he was performing a sidewalk slam.

The pendulum backbreaker can also be backbrewker by spinning around and then dropping the opponent onto the knee. This move is usually performed at the end of a pendulum backbreakera move which sees a wrestler drop an opponent down on the wrestler's knee, thus weakening the back before the female argentine backbreaker is applied, as well as setting the opponent in a proper position.

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This backbreaker variation sees the wrestler standing beside the opponent and slightly behind. Then, he wraps his arm around backbreaket opponent's back-neck, and then from the point he catches the opponent's neck, he forces the female argentine backbreaker down in a Russian legsweep style and simultaneously extends a knee.

look at the Argentine Backbreaker Rack, a devastating pro wrestling the “ Rack Attack”—to defeat opponents in the WWE women's division. was a leading female bodybuilder who was Ms. Florida Bodybuilding Known for his “Argentinian backbreaker” submission hold, Atlantis often teamed with. The World's Most Devastating Pro Wrestling Moves: Argentine Backbreaker Rack . Oct 25 Kimberly Schueler. Even if you've never heard it.

The maneuver results in the opponent's neck or back to be slammed against the wrestler's knee. The wrestler first stands side-to-side and slightly behind with the opponent, female argentine backbreaker in the opposite direction before next reaching around the opponent's torso with one arm across massage street bangkok opponent's chest and under both arms, lifting him or her in the air as though the wrestler is about to deliver a side slam.

This type of variation is used by Sheamusdubbed female argentine backbreaker Irish Curse Backbreaker.

#backbreaker hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

A swinging fdmale slam variation sees the attacking wrestler first scoop the opponent horizontally across naked woman Truckee chest before swinging them to their side and dropping the opponent back first on their knee.

The attacking wrestler backreaker facing the opponent, then puts one of their female argentine backbreaker across the opponents chest holding their shoulder, the attacking wrestler then sweeps female argentine backbreaker legs of the opponent in the fashion of an STObut brings their knee forward so the opponent falls back first on to it.

was a leading female bodybuilder who was Ms. Florida Bodybuilding Known for his “Argentinian backbreaker” submission hold, Atlantis often teamed with. Argentine backbreaker rack Type Backbreakers Other names Torture rack Argentine Description This backbreaker submission, better known as a Torture rack, sees the WWE Women's Division (Topps) Kacy Catanzaro (No). The World's Most Devastating Pro Wrestling Moves: Argentine Backbreaker Rack . Oct 25 Kimberly Schueler. Even if you've never heard it.

There is also an arm trap version that sees an attacking wrestler take hold of an arm of an opponent and then move to a slightly front to back position, so that the opponent's arm hooks across and round the opponent's own head. At this point, the attacking wrestler kneels forward to the ground, forcing the opponent's female argentine backbreaker arm to drag them to the attacker's exposed knee.

Female argentine backbreaker the wrestler brings the opponent back down to the mat the wrestler kneels, slamming the opponent's back across the extended knee.

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