Our Summer 2018 Musical Revues:

In addition to the Skylight at Twilight concert series, Dunellen Skylight Theatre will be presenting two musical revues at Washington Memorial Park.

August 17-19

Kids Revue Audition Banner.jpg

Anything You Can Do, Kids Can Do Better

The first revue, entitled Anything You Can Do, Kids Can Do Better, will include performers from ages 5-17 performing songs from musical theatre.

August 24-26

Adult Revue Audition Banner.jpg

Hey, That's My Jam

The second revue, entitled Hey, That’s My Jam, will include performers 18 and older performing non-musical theatre songs.

Tickets for the musical revues are $8 for senior citizens and students and $10 for the general public.

Audition information can be found on our Auditions page.